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All of our garments are produced in our home country, Hungary. Sourcing from the EU and producing locally was no-question for us as we want to make sure to work with businesses and suppliers that share our values and also where workers receive a fair wage and have good working conditions. We visit our manufacturers regularly, aiming to have long-term relations with them and know the people working on our textiles and garments.








our garment manufacturer

We are proudly producing all our garment in a small family-run knit-mill in our home country, Hungary, near to Budapest.

After spending months to find the right place where all the attention is given to produce the highest quality clothes, we settled with a micro- business, with only the owner couple working there.

We have been working with them since the beginning and have a day-to-day relation with the owner. To make sure production is done right, we visit the knit-mill 2-3 times during a production. As per our manufacturers request we are not sharing their names or any photos of them, but if you have any further questions about our manufacturing process drop us an e-mail.

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