quika is a textile studio where all quika products are designed and made with love. Handmade means joy in the making, imperfections that you love and products with souls. Agi passionately cares about every step in the process where an idea finally becomes a product, and she works hard to make quality pieces that easy and fun to wear and use.

She uses only 100% natural materials, and truly believes, that when you are sorrounded by and wear natural fibers, it can make a difference.


The designer behind the brand is Agi Szecsenyi, who was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. After graduating from the university as a textile designer, she made her internship experience in Madrid and Berlin at kid's wear brands. With all her passion for knitwear and textiles, she founded quika in 2017, when this story started...

quika is playful, curious, likes to travel, see the world, find magic and she keeps her eyes open to everything that's new. She is there in every small moment and help you make those moments beautiful memories. 

She is in the air when you are running into the ocean to feel the cold water on your feet for the first time in a very long time.

quika gives you the courage to get rid off your long hair and feel free without it. 

She smiles you back from the mirror after a very long but successful day.

She is there with you when you are six years old and your favourite place in the whole wide world is in the top of the tree in your grandparent's garden, and she is also holding your hand when you're teaching your toddler to walk.

quika is you, and she is me. She is what makes us believe that this thing we call life is worth living it.