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ottalvás essential collection

Ottalvás means “sleep-over” in hungarian, which is always a cheerful and waited event both in kid's and grown-up's life: full of fun and great moments — meanwhile being in our comfiest clothes.

Our concept is to create cozy clothes for kids and grown-ups that you'll just love wearing at home and even when going out. OAT AVA knits are super easy, appropriate for home-life, and amiable for you to feel special when wearing them. Being home is/ or should be an elevated state of being, since this is the place where you can honestly be yourself and just let go.

We created our essential collection entitled to provide comfort and leisure to our home activities, such as working, playing, relaxing, welcoming friends and family, since we spend the majority of our time here.

We would like to help you to create that passion that acknowledges this pure state, in your most intimate space - the place you call home.

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