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our story


Hi! We are Ági and Vanessza, the founders and designers of the Budapest based knitwear brand, OAT AVA. Our story has started at the university where we both studied textile design. We worked on several projects together and we enjoyed how we completed each other during the working process. Our friendship, love for knitwear, and passion for a more sustainable life brought OAT AVA to life.

The idea of OAT AVA lays on our own personal inspiration taken from our daily life. As mums, who work from home, we spend most of our time in this space, and the environment influences our mood, our productivity. It needs to be simple, practical, cozy and aesthetically pleasing - just like our clothes.
We felt a growing need to create a closet of clothes that reflects on the time spent home, developed to be suited for all the aspects and activities that are included in homelife. We found it especially important that these garments express comfort, serenity, calmness and safety just as much as the interior. For this niche we created the “ottalvás collection”.


We use high quality natural fabric yarns from fair trade companies, which integrate sustainable innovation and
social responsibility directly onto its products, and ensure that no harmful chemicals are used during the production process.
We aim to produce less waste and reuse all knitted materials we can.
All our clothes are made with the participation of experienced knitwear professionals in a small family-run
Hungarian knitting manufacture.

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