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10 sustainable fashion influencers to follow

Whether you're at the initial stages of your slow fashion journey and would like to learn more about the challenges of the fashion industry, seeking a supportive community of like-minded individuals, or simply yearning for style insights and avenues to amplify your sustainability endeavors, following sustainable fashion influencers and creators is an excellent step toward reshaping the fashion landscape in a positive way! We all know how big of an impact influencers have on us, our style and our shopping decisions, so why not follow the ones that promote conscious, sustainable fashion?

We collected 10 sustainable fashion influencers that are definitely worth to follow if you would like to embark on the slow fashion roadtrip. These influencers not only showcase style but also emphasize the importance of making eco-conscious decisions.

@VenetiaLaManna - Venetia is a sustainability advocate and content creator who uses her platform to educate followers about conscious fashion choices, from shopping secondhand to supporting ethical brands.


@Useless_DK - Signe Hansen's minimalist aesthetic embodies the essence of slow fashion. Her feed features capsule wardrobes, thought-provoking content, and insights into the process of creating a sustainable closet.


@SustainablyChic - Natalie Kay provides a blend of sustainable fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. Her colorful and vibrant style showcases the diversity of eco-friendly choices available.


@AditiMayer - Aditi combines her passion for fashion with her background in environmental studies to shed light on the cultural and ecological aspects of sustainable clothing.


@AjaBarber - Aja's focus on intersectional sustainability highlights the connections between fashion, social justice, and the environment. Her feed is a must-follow for those seeking a holistic understanding of eco-conscious living.

FOLLOW AJA - Holistic sustainability advocate, ethical stylist, and writer Holly Rose combines fashion with eco-conscious living, emphasizing the importance of mindful consumption and ethical choices.


@saint.thrifty – For 4 years now Sophie is only buying secondhand. On her platform you can learn about the creativity of creating a sustainable style, upcycling and also about the harms of the fashion industry and companys’ greenwashing.


@unmaterialgirl - Leah Musch, a native of Australia, has transformed from a fast fashion enthusiast into a passionate advocate for slow fashion. Her mission is clear: to prove that sustainable style is within everyone's reach. With a dash of 70's flair, denim overalls, and laid-back Aussie beach vibes, Leah's style is a testament to the allure of mindful fashion.


@theflippside - Ethical fashion takes the spotlight in Kara Fabella's feed. She effortlessly imparts slow fashion styling wisdom while meticulously curating a selection of ethical brands. Her ensembles exude timeless elegance punctuated with vibrant bursts of color, serving as a stunning example of sustainable fashion at its best.


@style.withasmile - Berlin's Noa Ben-Moshe radiates the essence of vegan fashion, championing cruelty-free apparel and innovative animal-friendly materials. Her mantra, "we can enjoy life, dress impeccably, and revel in the fun without causing harm to beings or our planet," resonates through her classic style and meticulous attention to detail. Noa's vibrant outfits, celebrated by Plant Based News, make her the embodiment of a Vegan Style Queen.


Why should you follow these influencers?

  • Positive Change: By aligning your fashion choices with sustainability, you contribute to reducing waste, conserving resources, and supporting ethical labor practices.

  • Education and Awareness: These influencers use their platforms to educate their followers about the environmental impact of fast fashion and the benefits of opting for sustainable alternatives.

  • Style Inspiration: Their unique aesthetics prove that sustainability doesn't mean sacrificing style. They offer creative ways to curate chic outfits while prioritizing eco-friendly options.

  • Ethical Choices: These influencers spotlight brands that are committed to ethical and transparent practices, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

  • Community Building: By following these influencers, you'll become part of a like-minded community that supports and encourages sustainable fashion choices.

The world of fashion is evolving, and these 10 sustainable fashion influencers are at the forefront of this positive change. By following their journeys, you can gain valuable insights into creating a wardrobe that's both stylish and environmentally conscious. Remember, making small, intentional choices in your fashion purchases can have a significant impact on the planet and inspire others to do the same. So, why wait? Start following these influencers today and embark on your own sustainable fashion journey.

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