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new stripes to love

Capturing our knitwear in a home-like atmosphere has long been in our plans so we asked artKRAFT, the Hungarian industrial furniture and design studio to collaborate with us for this photoshoot.

With the help of Tímea Tóth- interior stylist, they brought to life different interiors with furnitures from the '60s and '80s to match our stripy knitwear, using pieces from their studio.

We believe that clothing and objects around us make a difference in our mood, so the time spent at home can be lighter and more joyful if we surround ourselves with things we love and find comfort in.

We asked Bettina Jurak, professional dancer to be our muse of this photoshoot as she embodies so naturally through her movements the freedom and playfulness that we aspired to capture with the knitwear and also this photo series.


Vanessza, Ági

modell: Bettina Jurák

photos: Dávid Kovács

interior: artKRAFT

interior stylist: Tímea Tóth

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