WOOL kid jumper

WOOL kid jumper


First OAT AVA kid jumper from hungarian wool.


As a sustainable brand one of our priorities is to make sure, that the sheep are living a happy life on a farm that puts sustainability in focus. Our wool comes from the Northern area of Lake Balaton in Hungary where the sheep graze outdoors on EU Natura 2000 certified land for most of the year. Their calm & kind lifestyle guarantees the premium quality and softness of their wool. <3


Every piece is uniquely hand-embroidered, using minimal-style lines. 


This jumper is part of a very limited mini collection - only 3 pieces are available. You can find a line embroidery on the back- it's like a serial number.


no scratchiness

only comfort


ONE SIZE is available, perfect for kids between 2-5 years


Noa is 2,5 years old on the picture


Made in Hungary