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our values
sustainability - timeless design - transparency - creating to last - producing in the EU

Sustainability was a priority for us since the beginning. As textile designers we were aware of the unsustainable practices of the fashion industry and how it causes environmental and societal problems all over the World.

We knew that if we were gonna launch a fashion label, we only want to do that by assuring that we take every step we possibly can to minimise the impact on our environment and contribute to ethical production and practices.


From creating designs with longevity and comfort in mind to spending months to find the right fibers and local manufacturers we always take the environment and people working with and for us into account. We are still in the beginning of this bumpy road towards sustainability, constantly learning and trying to find better solutions but we hope that also with our customers help and feedback we can make a positive impact. Below you can read more about our sustainability efforts.


materials we use

pre-order system / packaging / price transparency 



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