Portrait Series: Timi Árgyelán

Portrait Series: Timi Árgyelán

Timi Árgyelán is a hungarian-born pastry cook living in Madrid with her husband and three small children. She is the co-owner of Alma Nomad Bakery, the successful bakery that they started in Budapest and after the couple moved to Spain, they opened a bakery under the same name in Madrid. People seem to love what they do. The simplicity, honesty and authenticity of their pastries, shop and work are easy to love. We love Timi's photos and aesthetic because they really reflect the world they created.
Describe your ideal creative space. What elements make it inspiring for you?

It would be super organized and quiet, the absolute opposite of the current reality. But my creative space is my bakery. I like to be there after everyone leaves and be alone with my music. This is the time when I do new things and I stop for moment to admire that I can call this my work. 
Most of my ideas come there, either when I'm walking around the city alone or when I'm watching into the space at home daydreaming. 
I like to surround myself with old things, everything that shows craftsmanship and past. I always have cut flowers too. It is very important. I love blue, red, earthy colors and things with a patina. I also really like imperfection and
don't tolerate any plastic or brightly colored objects neither at home nor in the bakery... And everyone knows that :D

What’s your go-to comfort food when you need a pick-me-up?
Pasta always and forever.

Do you have a guilty pleasure TV show that you enjoy binge-watching?
Honestly and with no shame, I love the original Sex and the City. 

If you could teleport to any place in the world right now, where would it be?
Balaton (a lake in Hungary)

What’s your morning ritual that sets a positive tone for the day?
Small things, but first I would need a pretty good sleep, say 5 hours straight, which rarely happens these days.
I am alone for 20 minutes, lighting a candle, as I do every morning without exception.
My kitchen needs to be clean when I walk in and start making my coffee. No milk is the worst case scenario. But when all this happens, I'm in a very good mood.
But to be honest, now my mornings are really crazy, although it is the most favorite part of my day.

Most-used Emoji:

Do you have an unexpected or quirky talent that people might not know about?
I am not special in anything unluckily.

Is there something unusual or unexpected that you have in your wardrobe? What is your favorite piece of clothing and why?

I got at least 30 pairs of vintage Levis 501s in sizes 27-30. I don't really buy other types of jeans, but if I can find a good (or bad) 501 on vinted, I'd buy it.
I also collect real treasures, like Kalotaszegi pieces and many embroidered vests, and I have about 20 types of white shirts. I also like onesies, dresses with flowers my friend makes and little French-faker painter scarfs. I own many and love all of them.

Could you describe your clothing style? What do you most like to wear? 

I'm very technical, but I'm not the comfortable type. I work with a blue apron on all my clothes that I wear on the street, so even if there is something more expensive and nicer that I bought, I will still use it, and sooner or later it will have stains, holes, paint and I don’t mind.
I love to dress and I love to look like myself in my own space. I absolutely hate uniforms. I also like to wear uncomfortable shoes and I don't mind jeans a size smaller or three size bigger. Size has no meaning in my closet.

Which is your favorite OAT AVA piece? What are 3 words that first come to your mind about OAT AVA products?
My future love is the Hotel Ete collection stripes in full look. Its just too cool. My actual fav is the MOA jumper in rust color. It is very beautiful from all sides. I truly love its very rare color and design, which has a special back stitch. It is really comfortable, its secret lies in the details and it is very easy to wash.

Favorite movie:
Frances Ha, Bicycle Thieves
Country you haven’t visited yet but would like to: 
Superpower you’d like to have
To be able to sleep standing with open eyes
One thing you’d change in the World:
Three things you’re very grateful for:
Luca, Mika and Mila
photos: Timi Argyelán
Timi is wearing the MOA jumper in colour rust
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