100% of our products are made of organic cotton

Every garment produced has an impact on the environment, and the material it is made of takes up a big proportion of that impact. We are committed of sourcing fabrics that have a lower impact on our planet, even if it takes time and effort to find the most suitable ones.

As a knitwear brand conventional cotton would be the most ’convenient’ choice for us. Cotton is a natural material, renewable and biodegradable, however conventional cotton is estimated to use 16% of the World’s insecticides and 6% of the world’s pesticides each year. Cotton is also a huge water-consumer, requiring approximately 2,700 L water to produce a single T-shirt (according to WWF). In contrast, organic cotton relies on natural inputs and techniques to support the growth of healthy crops.

No toxic, haxardous pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used to grow organic cotton. Organic cotton also requires less water, as 80% of land producing organic cotton is located in areas that are mostly rain-fed, so farmers rely on rain to water the crops and also use various techniques to conserve water. Overall organic cotton requires up to 91% less water to produce (from farm to bale) than conventionally grown cotton. It is not only the environment organic cotton is better for, by avoiding toxic pesticides it doesn’t put the farmers’ health at risk and of course, it is better for us, as we put these clothes on our skin, and who would want to wear something that was made with hazardous chemicals?

Where do we source our fibers?

The yarn is coming from Italy, from a trusted supplier we spent months to find. Sustainability is equally important to them. The fibers, textiles they source are made according to the highest environmental standards in Egypt.